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                   BMW China Olympic Project Kick-Off Ceremony

                BMW and MINI Sponsor Four Chinese National Teams
                And Launch a Young Talent Program

                Guangzhou. On March 3rd 2012, the BMW China Olympic Project kick-off ceremony was staged in Guangzhou. Chinese Olympic Committee, Chinese Olympic representatives such as Xu Haifeng, Gao Min attended the ceremony, together with Yao Ming and his fund, singers and thousands of Olympic supporters. The event attracted more than 12,000 spectators.

                BMW China Olympic Project Kick-off ceremony was the largest Olympic event held since 2008 Beijing. The event combines the "Joy of BMW" with the Olympic spirit, and provide a perfect platform of sharing and promoting Olympic spirit.

                BMW has a six year exclusive auto partnership with the Chinese Olympic Committee until 2016. In 2012, the Olympic theme—"All for Joy" was launched and a series of marketing activities started to promote Olympic dream and spirit.

                Dr Stark came to the stage in a BMW 328 Hommage. In his speech, he expressed that the Olympics embody the best feelings and emotions of human kind such as peace, dream, glory, joy and sharing. BMW fully supports Olympics in China by promoting the "All for Joy" spirit, attracting attention for the Olympics, sharing passion and dreams, supporting the Chinese Olympic teams and integrating the "Joy of BMW" into the Chinese dream and culture.

                The ceremony was comprised of four chapters. The Olympic theme performance revealed the "All for Joy" theme, which will be further interpreted by a cooperation with Liu Xiang and Xu Lijia. Other cooperation programs were also announced, such as sponsoring four Chinese national teams with the COC and a Young Talent program.

                BMW will sponsor the fencing and sailing teams in the 2012 London Olympics and other international sports events. MINI will be the sponsor of the Chinese free-style skiing and snow-boarding teams. MINI will also present a MINI China Olympics special edition, which will be launched in the first half of 2012.

                With the support of the Youth Sports Department of General Administration of Sports, BMW will launch a Young Talent program, which covers 3 sports:
                - Basketball: to organize a national tournament for primary school students covering 40 Hope Schools.
                - Golf: to create 3-4 golf matches for the junior
                - Figure skating: to train and grow young athletes

                More than ten classic cars embodying BMW's history in sports and athletics were presented at an unprecedented scale in Guangzhou, including the BMW 303, BMW 2002 Turbo etc. This "Moving BMW Museum" recalls the glorious history of BMW, and lights up passion for the Olympics.

                Joining hands with the Olympics is a part of the long-term strategy of the BMW Group. Currently, BMW is a partner with the COC, the London Games, and Team USA. The launch of "All for Joy" will enhance BMW's cooperation with the COC and provide a platform for the promotion of the Joy of BMW. BMW's efforts to get closer to Chinese consumers shows its commitment to localization and integration into the Chinese dream and culture.