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                On the 1st Floor, our proposed design of the corridor, which connects the hall and the Bears Lounge in the northeast of the Club, is now ornamented with Tudor-style (1485–1603) wood panels; made from classical frames with glass, to open the view of the golf shop; sober solid frames, to protect the privacy of the toilets; and with a rich portico, highlighting the access to the Bears Lounge at the end of the corridor.

                Within the Bears Lounge the design compliments the warm feeling of the corridor in the same language, though more enhanced in richness: The Tudor wood panels are shorter allowing the upper part to be covered in stones, mirroring the aesthetics of classical buildings in Britain, and facilitating the symmetrical composition between the arches of the gallery and the solid wall at the back. The gaps of these stone arches and the Tudor panels at the back solid walls are covered by a traditional classic painting of beautiful landscapes which also brings balance, linking the greenery of the club house's external environment to its internal atmosphere. Wood beams are also decorating the ceiling, and small wood classic supports are helping to connect these beams with the wall. The space takes into account comfort with installations such as the Georgian-style (1720–1840) fireplace, classic bronze chandelier lamps, LED TV and the soft chairs with traditional Scottish tartan patterns (1746 approx). This produces the perfect atmosphere to enjoy for example a nice glass of whiskey, whilst overlooking the amazing views of the north golf course.