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                The VIP dressing area will also have a formal English character, with clear reminiscences of the richest Neo-Georgian style (20th century). We will convey this through the decor of the curtains and the floor carpet; the crystal lamps of the ceiling; the leather furniture in the locker area; sofas within the waiting area and the distinctive fireplace with marble finishes and the Tudor arch, which match perfectly with the Tudor wooden panel (complete with top finishes in stone and bronze double-candle wall lamps) , that we added to develop consistency in the entire interior design. In the Bathroom, the consistency is again on display in the tessellation floor and mosaic walls, with the marble edging in both; dentate moldings on the ceilings and the color panel and the big scale; but also with a special natural slice-stone lamp which bring to the atmosphere a unique light reflection and texture in a perfect balance with the marble.