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                China New Town Development Co. Ltd. (CNTD) was established in 2006. It was listed independently on the main-board market of the Singapore Exchange Ltd (D4N.si) on Nov 14th, 2007 and on October 22, 2010 it was added to the main-board market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd (HK. 1278). In 2009, it became an affiliate of SRE Group.

                CNTD has developed and maintains a unique management mode to ensure success. It processes primary land development and business integration through joint ventures and investments with local governments and obtains substantial profits through a public bid and auction of the lands. In each new town project, CNTD is entitled to exclusive development and management rights. It is not only responsible for the overall town planning, land preparation and infrastructure construction, but also is the resource devoted to creating long-term value for the town through the construction of high-quality facilities, importing the best brands and inviting famous developers to work on projects. At present, CNTD is undertaking three new town-sized projects: North Europe Town of Luodian, located in Baoshan district in Shanghai (6.8 square kilometers), Hongshan Cultural Town of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, (8.6 square kilometers) and Lixiang New Town in Shenyang, Liaoning province,(20 square kilometers).

                Besides land sales, CNTD also develops, manages and operates all of the commercial properties in the respective towns, such as hotels, conference centers, museums and recreational facilities for future growth.

                Additionally, since the beginning of 2011, CNTD has been actively taking part in real estate development to diversify its business. At present, it is participating in the Mingren Tiandi and Lake Malaren SOHO (tentative name) in Shanghai, Xiangdao Jiangnan Garden (tentative name) in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, and Oasis Albany in Chengdu, Sichuan province and some other projects and continues to be a major player in developing the future towns of China.