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                Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren Shanghai is the only international hotel in the Baoshan district, a fast developing, northern suburb of bustling Shanghai. Known for its rich and natural settings on the Lake Malaren golf courses, Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren Shanghai is only minutes away from Shanghai's outer ring road A30. Lake Malaren Golf Club operates 2 PGA standard accredited 18-hole courses surrounding the hotel and was certified as the First Silver Signature Sanctuary in China and Asia by Audubon International in 2006. The resort and both golf courses are surrounded by a North European themed fully developed town. Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren Shanghai is 45 minutes drive from Shanghai's city center. The hotel is easily accessible from Shanghai's Pudong International Airport via Shanghai's outer ring road A30 and just 30 km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

                Transportation to and from Hotel, Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)

                • Distance: 30 KM / 18.64 MI North to Hotel
                • Hongqiao airport straight on A20 northward, exit to Hutai road follow north towards
                • Luodian, after 8km turn right on Meilan road, go straight for 2km to hotel. Pudong

                International Airport (PVG)

                • Distance: 75 KM / 46.6 MI North to Hotel
                • From Pudong Airport directly on highway A30 northward, follow highway untill exit Hutai Road, turn left on Hutai Road toward Luodian, after 1.5km right on Meilan Lake road, go straight for 2km to hotel.

                Train Station
                Shanghai Railway Station

                • Distance: 28 KM / 17.4 MI North to Hotel
                • Shuttle Fee From Train Station: CNY300.0 (CNY)
                • Taxi Fee From Train Station: CNY150.0 (CNY)
                • Shanghai Railway Station turen right in front of station on Hutai road northward, after 24km turn right on Meilan Lake road, go straight for 2km to hotel

                Subway Station
                Meilan Lake Station

                • Distance: 2 KM / 1.24 MI South East to Hotel
                • Complimentary Subway Station Shuttle
                • Taxi Fee From Subway Station: CNY10.0 (CNY)
                • Take Wenchuan road after 7km turn left to Yueluo road, go straight after 6km to Fuyuan road, go straight after 1km turn left to Meilan road, go straight after 0.5km to hotel. Complimentary Local Area Shuttle

                Driving Directions

                • North Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren Shanghai is 2.5km off Hutai Road North(one of the main streets crossing Shanghai), connecting the hotel to Baoshan Steel & Industrial area South Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren Shanghai is 2.5km off Hutai Road North (one of the main streets crossing Shanghai), giving a direct access to Shanghai city. The main ring road around Shanghai A30 is about 1.5km distance from hotels access to Hutai road To go directly to hotel

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