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                During the eleventh-five year, in order to narrow the gap of city and countryside and develop the economics of small town, Shanghai government makes the strategy of building socialism new town as ‘plan with high starting point, construction with high quality, and management with high efficiency’. Shanghai Jin Luodian development Co. Ltd. was established by then. As the main cooperation which develops Luodian new town, it creates an operation and management system which developed with the government.

                Create the new concept- city operation developer
                Jin Luodian development Co. Ltd. is cooperation with market operation guided by the government. It’s defined as ‘city operation developer’ which means turns the new area into modern town with reasonable planning. ‘The Luodian new town’s development is depends on iron and steel manufacturing which is a traditional manufacturing in Baoshan district and new logistics and warehousing industries. The purpose is to build a unique, fully functional, beautiful and prosperous north European new town. Its development feature is large pre-investment, long development cycle and sustainable development.” Some one from Jin Luodian development Co. Ltd. said.

                Luodian new town belongs to Baoshan district and it locates in the north of Shanghai. It’s 28 km away from the center of the city and close to Wusong terminal and Yangtze river export. There are numbers of expressway go through it, like A20, A30, A12 and Hutai road, as well as metro line 7 which was start at the end of 2010. All of them become a long term motivation for the development of the new town.

                In order to improve the impression and quality of the new town, Jin Luodian development Co. Ltd. built a scenic which combines the natural environment, architectural style and human environment of north Europe. This brand new exotic town increases the differential rent within and around the development area.

                Planning the new idea – create the city
                Luodian north European new town is confirmed by government bidding and designed by Sweden SWECO Company. The whole project fully reflects the concept of ‘creating the city’. In the project, residents’ basic necessities are not only considered, but also the convention center, Business Street, golf, forest and lake are put into planning. It will be a real international and modern new town.

                There will be high-level public service facilities like schools and hospitals and north European residential area in the Luodian new town. The residential area is divided into modern city, garden city and ecology city, and the main buildings are 2-5 floors apartments, townhouse and independent villa. Several housing projects so far are sold well like Lake Malaren golf villa, Lake Malaren villa, Shunchi Lake Malaren, Lake Malaren Yijing Yuan, Meilan Jindi, Jinlan Yashu.

                Meanwhile, the posts, finance, education, garbage, sewage treatment have been totally turn into market business practices instead of government action. The new town got the high self-renewal capacity and the ecological balance of self-realization. And this is a new mode for commercial real estate development.

                Creating the city is a systems engineering which is good for the integration of land resources, and is able to develop regional economy. Due to the complete city and community facilities, not only does it change residents’ living mode, but also meet nearby residents and investors’ diverse needs.

                Create new construction concept-first environment then development
                The construction and development of Luodian north European new town is divided into two main parts-land market development and real estate development. The land market development includes the building demolition within the range of building land, construction of municipal facilities like roads, construction of public facilities like parks and squares, construction of landscape like forests and lakes. The real estate development includes housing construction, public facilities, property management.

                So far, the 18-mile municipal road construction (includes 6 supporting engineering professional pipeline) in Luodian new town, 1.2-square-kilometer main characteristic feature area, five golden flowers as “beautiful artificial lake-Meilan lake, exotic north European street, citizen-culture-business square, Lake Malaren convention center and Nobel science park”, 36-hole golf course, golf club, five-star hotel have already completed.

                The north European street-the core attraction in Luodian new town-improves Baoshan even north of shanghai into fashion landmark.

                Address: 6655 Hutai road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
                China's new town. Shanghai gold ROM store development Co., LTD. VIP hotline: 8621-66010999
                http://www.meilanhu.net (Meilan lake tourist)