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                The exquisite decoration detached Mansions at the center of the greens
                The golf legend Jack Nicklaus who won 18 champions of the grand slam redesigned the Lake Malaren Golf Club as an international golf course designer. He turned the 36 holes into an USGA standard golf course also with high reputation of ‘the top one ecology golf in Asia’.

                Regarding to the Masters Mansions, SRE, it has 249 exquisitely decorated detached Mansions which are integrated of golf elements. It covers 200,000 square meters and its floor area ratio is 0.39. 3000-square-meter greens are the private huge gardens, as well as the Masters Course and the North Forest Course.

                24-hour and five-star exclusive facilities
                The Lake Malaren Golf Club and Lake Malaren Crown Plaza Hotel can provide the elites with luxury and detailed environment and service. The Lake Malaren Crown Plaza Hotel which was converted since 2011 has numbers of international restaurants which are suitable for the customers from all over the world. And the Lake Malaren Golf Club also has the amazing England style clubhouse and unique golf courses.