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                Aug 2nd

                Lake Malaren construction started



                The foundation of the Natural Resource Administrative Center was founded

                Sep 28th

                Lake Malaren Golf Club opened up


                Jan 25th

                First Ladies Golf Challenge

                Apr 25th

                “Maersk Cup - Thomas Bjorn Invitational Shanghai 2005” invited Thomas Bjorn - the third best in Europe and the 25th best player in the world

                Sep 1st

                “Co-Promotion of Lake Malaren and China Minsheng Bank Card” started

                Sep 28th

                North Forest Course, 36 Holes, Hotel and Lake Malaren International Convention Center opened up

                Nov 27th

                “2005 Western Nations Masters” Golf Invitational Tournament (18 countries participated)


                May 26th

                The 5th “Crown Cup” Shanghai Golf Teams Friendly Tournament

                Jul 13th

                The 10th Strait Cup Golf Invitational Tournament

                Sep 7th

                Won “Audubon International Natural Environmental Protection Association Certification”

                Sep 18th

                Club Leisure Farm opened up

                Nov 3rd

                Won “ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification License” and “ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification License”

                Nov 2nd – 4th

                Lake Malaren Golf Club took part in the “Golf and Life Exhibition 2006” exhibition

                Nov 13th– 14th

                Lake Malaren Golf Club took part in the “Asia International Golf Exposition 2006” exhibition


                Won “The Most Popular Golf Club from Golfers in Eastern China” and Our North Forest Course Won “The most challenging fairways of any Golf Club in Eastern China”


                May 18th

                The 6th “China Minsheng Bank Cup” Shanghai Golf Teams Friendly Tournament

                Sep 1st

                South Lake Course with Lights opened up

                Sep 6th

                The 10th “East Town Cup” Amateur Tournament

                Oct 10th

                Lake Malaren 32nd Member Tournament and Johnnie Walker Golf Invitational Tournament

                Dec 22nd

                The First “He Le Cup” and He Le Japanese Food Restaurant Opening Tournament


                Mar 10th

                Won “2007 My Favorite Golf Club” Ten Top Golf Club in China

                Oct 1st

                Lake Malaren Golf Club, Shenyang opened up

                Oct 17th

                Won Top Ten Golf Club in China - “Environmental Protection and Innovation Award” 2007—2008


                Jan 18th

                Lake Malaren the 46th Member Tournament and the Outlets Opening Tournament

                Mar 17th

                Won “2008 Ten Top Golf Club - Comprehensive Ranking in China” Award

                Jul 8th

                North Forest Course rebuilt

                Sep 20th

                Second Hand Membership Transaction Center opened up


                Won “China’s 100 Greatest Golf Course 2008-2009”



                Won “the Best Golf Club Facilities in China Award”, “the Best Club and Resort in China Award” and “the Best Service in China”

                Apr 8th

                Signed with Nicklaus Design, LLC.
                (In order to hold a huge event in 2011, Lake Malaren spent lots of money in hiring the “Nicklaus Design, LLC.” – The worldwide top golf course design cooperation which was founded and owned by “golden bear” Jack Nicklaus to customize and redesign our 36 – hole courses. Our entire change would definitely surprise the golf industry)

                May 18th

                Signed with IMG International Administration Group
                ( The big signing ceremony meant the official cooperation between SRE Group Ltd. and IMG – the worldwide administration group for a tournament for 5 years at Lake Malaren had started. In November 2011, there will be a tournament in Lake Malaren consisting of world top tournament players – named the Lake Malaren Shanghai Masters. This event will extremely help the development of golf in China, as well as the new enhanced image of Lake Malaren and Luodian New Town)

                Jun 18th

                Masters Course began constructing. Nicklaus Ⅱ made a personal appearance



                The Bears Lounge, Jacks Lounge, VIP Rooms, New Town, and Sunline in the clubhouse opened.

                Aug 8th

                The press conference of Lake Malaren Shanghai Masters was held at the Pullman Shanghai 
                Skyway Hotel.


                Masters Course finished renovation

                Sep 28th

                Lake Malaren the 69th Member Tournament and the 7th Anniversary

                Oct 27th - 30th

                Lake Malaren Shanghai Masters
                (As the owner of the event, Lake Malaren had commissioned CCTV-IMG Sports Management Company to broadcast and run the event. We have invited 31 top golfers from many international professional tours to Lake Malaren Golf Club, here in the Luodian New Town. They are 3 major champions from 2011, 5 leading order of merit players, many of top 30 golfers in the world and the best Chinese golfers. Finally, Rory McIlroy won the golf world’s highest champion prize of USD2,000,000.)

                Nov 11th – 13th

                2011 Shanghai Lake Malaren Cup National Golf Team Tournament
                & 12th National Sports Competition Golf Preliminary Tournament

                Nov 18th

                Masters Course opened to the members

                Won “China’s 100 Greatest Golf Course 2010-2011”

                Oct. 25th—28th 2012 BMW Maters
                July 11th – 14th
                Shanghai Lake Malaren Cup National Golf Team Tournament
                official contract between Lake Malaren and Chinese top player Wu Ashun and Li Haotong
                Oct. 24th—27th 2013 BMW Maters
                Nov 12th
                renovation construction of North Forest Course