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                At the top part of the Sunline, the new principal conference-dining room has the essence of a more classical roof as seen in a palace or special public buildings in Britain. The design is evocative of the Roman Baths (0070 approx.) in Bath, England. This is also amalgamated with the glass and steel structure of the industrial revolution, as seen at The Crystal Palace "High Park Exhibition" (1851) in London, England. This structural roof bathes the area with natural light, whilst maintaining all the richness and magnificent art-comfort of engineer glass structure. Inside boasts Tudor moldings - coherent with the language throughout the rest of the club house, circular tables, Georgian chairs and silver double-candle wall lamps and indirect lighting and spot lights. The room is fully-equipped with air-conditioning, plasma screens, projectors, sounds systems and a raised stage area. With these implementations, the room is perfectly set out to provide for a conference, performance or a ceremonial dinner.
                Booking Line:0086-021-56590008