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                UHO, SRE is located in the area of Lake Malaren of Baoshan district. Its west is Hutai road, south is Meidan road, east is Luofen road and north is Century Lianhua Supermarket. The whole area covers 6800 square meters and the building area covers 41236 square meters including 35143-square-meter UHO offices and 6093-square-meter commercial clubhouse. The main building divided into 4 parts, including the parking area that is on the 1st and 2nd ground floor, shops on the 1st floor, LOFT on the 2nd floor and UHO products on the 3rd floor. In addition, there are 573 shops in total including 537 UHO, 10 LOFT and 26 stores.

                The main project is small-area UHO office. Its area covers from 42 square meters to 143 square meters, and it has 15 different units and LOFT. Non-standard unit’s area is bigger. The internal office and life area are separated clearly, and they are equipped with double big bed. This separation is good for small studio and life of a few people.

                This building has 5 exits including the main one at the center on the 1st floor, 2 at the back side on the 3rd floor which are leading to the Meilan Lake station of the metro line 7 and Century Lianhua supermarket and another 2 are the fire exits on the 1st floor. The total floor area ratio is 7.63 and it has 135.5 underground parking areas.