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                Local Rules

                Wave on policy
                On busy days, please stand at back of par 3 greens in a safe place, and wave the next
                group onwards if they are ready to tee off, then when its safe, precede to finish out the hole.

                Any member or guests who damages any of the club’s property will incur costs of repairs and replacement. The club is not responsible for any loss or damages to your belongings on the property, so please keep your belongings secure. Player must confirm belongings before leaving.

                Pace of Play / Slow Play Policy
                For the enjoyment of your round and courtesy to other members and guests, the desired pace of play is four hours and twenty-five minutes for fourball.
                To ensure speed of play marshals are permitted to advise golfers to keep up with the group in front of them. If a group catches up with you, please let that group behind play through.

                Players playing in more than the allotted time a second time will be issued a letter from the General Manager. A third warning letter will be issued from General Manager. A third warning will designate taking away playing privileges before 2:00pm.

                Please stay behind play as your fellow players are playing, and wait until players are out of reach before you play your shots. The Club is not responsible for any injuries caused on the property.

                Golf Instruction
                Private lessons are available by appointment from the PGA Professional. Members should visit or call reception for information. Information posted on website and at the reception counter. Lesson Vouchers are valid for 6 months from first date of purchase.

                There is a driver room located in the bottom level of our car park, for sleeping and relaxing. No sleeping in the clubhouse is permitted.

                Lightening Policy
                For the safety of our members and guests, we will alert everyone on the golf course as dangerous weather approaches.

                A continuous 15-second siren will sound, warning players to seek shelter immediately. When the dangerous weather has passed, an alert of three short blasts of the siren will be sounded.

                All members and guests are responsible for their own safety and protection from bad weather and lightning.

                Notice on Playing in Bad Weather
                All the guests golfing on our course must pay green fees for 18 holes.

                The course will be announced to suspend play for 30 minutes in case of thunder, lightning or flooding on the greens. And if the weather doesn't take a turn for the better after 30 minutes The fees will be collected according to the rules set out by the Club.

                The collection rules are as follows:
                1. The fees will be collected for 9 holes in case no more than 9 holes are completed
                2. The fees will be collected for 18 holes in case over 9 holes have been completed.
                If a guest suspends play at his/her discretion before the Club announces suspension it should be regarded as waiver and the fees (for 18 holes) will be collected in full as required.
                Please carefully consider weather conditions before beginning your round.

                Club Towels
                Club towels are available for purchase from the reception; please don’t take from the locker rooms.

                No smoking permitted in the clubhouse.

                Please keep your voice at a reasonable level.
                Please look after your children and avoid any disturbances.

                Playing & Reservation
                Each member is allowed to bring a maximum of 3 accompanied guests due on the Masters Course. Otherwise, play is not allowed by the club.
                The tee times on weekends will start the bookings at 7:00am on the Monday prior for that week. Please contact us on 56590008 if a reservation is needed.

                No photos or videos are permitted in the clubhouse without management approval.

                Rules and Policies of the Club
                All members should comply with the rules and policies of the club. Lake Malaren reserves the rights of terminating a member’s interest if there is any violation of the rules, or unreasonable disturbances of our operating.
                Lake Malaren reserves the rights of rejecting any guest who break the above rules.