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                Native Landscape
                This landscape zone feels largely open with tree groupings located near select green and tee complexes. Large waste bunkers alongside long fairways are complimented with rolling hills of native grass. Focal points can be found at various tee and green areas where accent trees and shrubs provide seasonal color. Native grasses are juxtaposed with ornamental grasses near halfway houses and add textural variety and added interest in the landscape.

                Lowland Lakes Landscape
                The Lowland Lakes Landscape showcases the lake as the focal feature of this area. Lake surfaces are calm and serene and help to reflect the surrounding beauty of the course. Accent willows and aquatic planting provide added beauty and plant diversity at the water's edge. Floral groundcovers and low lying shrubs add further interest in areas near the clubhouse and practice greens.

                Perimeter Treatment
                Planting along the periphery of the site is largely intended to screen the golf course with the adjacent properties surrounding the site. A dense, year-round screen will be achieved at the perimeter of the course by using a variety of trees species. A layer of seasonal floral color will be incorporated through the planting of wild flowers at the edges of the site.