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                Q: What is the main Design Concept of Masters Course?
                A: The main design concept of the Masters Course is to create a world class championship golf course that is challenging, fun, beautiful, and fair for all levels of golfers. The course will test the best players in the world through a variety of different shots and strategic elements. It will also be a very exciting and fair golf course for the beginning and average golfers who will enjoy the large variety of dramatic holes and the natural beauty of the layout.

                Q: What is the main feature (main character) of the new course?
                A: The course could be characterized as a "natural parkland" style that incorporates many natural elements into the design. These elements include trees, natural grasses, lakes and streams, and a strong rolling topography giving the course a significant amount of elevation change and a wide variety of different golf shots. The course will have a very natural feel and look, that will be both aesthetically pleasing as well as strategically sound.

                Q: What is the design strategy of the new course?
                A: The design strategy of the new course is to reward the golfer for playing the correct shot off the tee and approach to the green. It will incorporate a lot of risk and reward situations by using a combination of bunkers, water features, natural grass areas, and fairway contouring. A properly played shot will be rewarded with both favorable roll and placement in the fairway, allowing for the optimum approach angle to the greens. The golfers will need to take into account the location of the flag, and play both their tee shots and approach shots accordingly. In general, the more a player is willing to challenge a hazard, the more they will be rewarded with the best opportunity to get the ball close to the flag, ultimately resulting in lower scores.

                Q: What kind of challenge does the new course provide to the golfers?
                A: The new course will have several challenging elements including the overall length, sand and water hazards, natural grass areas, and undulating greens. The greatest challenge of the course will be the well defended and undulating greens that will present a strong test of golf for the professionals and low handicapped golfers, while at the same time being fair for the higher handicapped players as they will have the ability to learn the skills necessary to prevail on the greens.

                Q: What's the difference between the new course and other courses designed by Nicklaus Design in China?
                A: Jack Nicklaus II, is the President of Nicklaus Design, and is a globally recognized golf course designer, and a member of the prestigious American Society of Golf Course Architects. He also is committed to the design legacy of his father. To further his father's mission of growing the game worldwide through the design of high-quality golf courses. In addition, to embrace the challenge, playability and memo ability always embraced by Nicklaus Design. This mission is embodied in the new course—Masters Course.

                Jack Nicklaus II will assume the role as lead designer on all Legacy Golf Courses, while Jack Nicklaus will collaborate with his son on all design-related issues and will, along with his son, serve as a promotional spokesman for the golf course.

                Jack Nicklaus will make at least one promotional site visit to the golf course at a mutually agreed-upon time that is most critical during the construction and development of the golf course. An experienced and accomplished Senior Design Associate will support Jack Nicklaus II in his design efforts, and will make regular site visits during the construction process to ensure that the vision of both Nicklaus's is being implemented at the highest and most accurate level.

                Q: Anything else you would like to talk about this course?
                A: The golf course will have a fantastic variety of features that will give the course a lot of interest and a variety of challenges while being very fun and exciting to play. The elevation changes throughout the golf course will create very beautiful and dramatic golf holes. The course will have the appearance of being very challenging, but it will be very fair and golfers will quickly realize that if they play the correct shot, they will be rewarded and have the opportunity to score very well.